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Degree Progression

Poole College students arrive on one of two paths – as a management first-year student, you will take courses in accounting, economics, business administration and other core business subjects that will guide you toward a major, or as a transfer student, in which case you will begin with 300-level courses that designed to help narrow down potential concentrations (business administration majors).

Freshmen Year: First Year Management Program

Poole College’s Management First Year Program allows students to complete a common first year of courses before choosing to major in either accounting, business administration or economics. Students can then further customize their degree by selecting from a number of concentrations within business administration or choosing between the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science in economics. By receiving guidance from academic advisors, peer leaders, professional mentors and more, students will be equipped to make a fully informed decision – selecting their major by the end of their first year at Poole. 

All students during their first year with Poole College will take M100, which focuses on personal and professional identity development. This course will help you learn more about yourself – your passions, skills and interests – and also the identity of others, which will be critical as you enter a diverse and collaborative business environment.

Sophomore and Junior Years

During your sophomore and junior years at Poole, you will narrow your focus into your specific area of study and explore potential minors, or additional majors, to pursue inside or outside of Poole College. During those years, you will take a combination of general education, free elective and general business courses to round out your business, personal and professional development. 

Senior Year

As you move through your junior and senior year, you’ll begin taking 400-level courses designed to help direct you to a certain career path, or aspect of business, economics or accounting you want to focus on. During those years, we supplement your education by honing in on your analytical and quantitative skills and helping you develop an entrepreneurial mindset. All Poole College students take a quantitative course in statistics, calculus, finite math and business analytics.

Academics are a foundation for your collegiate experience, and we encourage you to take ownership of your education. Be discerning in the courses you pick and outside opportunities you pursue. And remember, our office of advising is here to help every step of the way.