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Information Technology Concentration

Information technology (IT) is the foundation of business technology support and one of the fastest growing and most diverse fields nationwide. Now more than ever, organizations are dependent on technology and require trained professionals to help them manage their computer and information systems at the highest level.

About our Program

Poole College’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Information Technology (IT) teaches students the basics of computer hardware, software and networking, as well as how to use information technology to support business needs in finance, marketing, product management and more.

The program curriculum incorporates a combination of business knowledge with IT and data analytics, hands-on and project-oriented courses and opportunities for advanced computer troubleshooting – equipping students with the mission-critical skills that employers require.

Students complete core courses in business functions, as well as specialized courses in database management, information systems development, systems analysis and business data communications and networking. Poole’s IT concentration gives students the technological tools to organize, represent and manipulate data to support business decision making in today’s complex business world. 

What Will I Learn?

Information Technology graduates will understand how to:

  • Organize, analyze and apply information to make business decisions
  • Organize and express ideas using appropriate language and grammar in a business context
  • Analyze data and systems
  • Develop and use complex software
  • Utilize Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Design and develop software and web applications
  • Develop and manage databases
  • Utilize User Interface (UI) design
  • Navigate cybersecurity  

Why IT at NC State?

NC State’s Information Technology program combines business knowledge with information technology and data analytics skills. We provide students with a variety of hands-on and project-oriented courses and labs, and put them in situations to grow their confidence in communicating with both executives and technicians alike. 

As part of the program, you will learn from special speakers within the discipline, have access to IT and consulting clubs for real practice with active organizations, and have opportunities for internships both within the university and with businesses across a variety of industries.

Sherry Fowler

Sherry Fowler

Professor of Practice in Information Technology and Business Analytics

Curriculum Overview and Degree Requirements

Students start their time at NC State Poole College of Management as either a management first year student (if you are a freshman) or in a major (if you are a transfer student). Regardless of your path, you will have plenty of time to explore the different things you want to do in business and information technology.

Poole College’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Information Technology requires that students complete 120 credits towards the degree, comprising general education, business administration and IT courses.

As business administration majors, students also get a broad education in key business areas by taking core courses in accounting, entrepreneurship, operations and supply chain management, human resources management, finance and marketing along with a capstone business strategy course. The IT concentration also provides specialized knowledge specific to the IT discipline.

Business Administration major – IT concentration requirements include 46 credits:

  • Core Business Courses (34 credits), including MIE 210 Introduction to Business Processes, BUS 340 Information Systems Management, BUS 370 Operations and Supply Chain Management and BUS 351 Introduction to Business Analytics.
  • IT requirements (6 credits), including two of the three following courses: BUS 440 Database Management, BUS 441 Business Data Communications and Networking and BUS 442 Information Systems Development.
  • IT electives (6 credits), including two of the six IT concentration courses: BUS 440 Database Management, BUS 441 Business Data Communications and Networking, BUS 442 Information Systems Development, BUS 443 Web Development for Business Applications, BUS 444 Systems Analysis and Design and BUS 449 Information Technology Capstone.

For full degree requirements, visit the NC State Catalog. To view individual courses, descriptions and schedules, use the Course Search.

Career Opportunities in Information Technology

As the business industry continues to boom and technology advances at a record pace, students are increasingly drawn to careers in information technology. According to, the average annual IT coordinator salary in the U.S. is $53,719.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the employment of computer and information technology jobs will grow 13% from 2020 to 2030 – creating approximately 667,600 jobs with an emphasis on cloud computing, information security and the collection of storage and data. 

Careers include:

  • Project manager
  • IT analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Systems analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Software developer
  • UI designer
  • Database designer/developer
  • Software tester
  • Computer networking/security analyst
  • Help desk support analyst 
  • IT manager/consultant
  • Chief information officer
  • … and more!

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