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Stand-alone Courses

Show employers that you have a fundamental understanding of business and accounting practices and gain a competitive advantage within your chosen field – enroll in summer business courses now.

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There are a variety of courses in Poole –– including featured courses ACC 230 Individual Income Tax, BUS 225 Personal Finance (Adulting 101), and MIE 201 Introduction to Business Processes. Choose from the list below and be sure to check the NC State Class Search for the most accurate information on the course schedule.

These and other Business and Accounting courses don’t require prerequisites and are available to all students during summer terms.

ACC 230 Individual Income Tax

Have you ever wondered what your tax responsibilities will be as you begin your career?  What the tax benefits of home ownership are?  How to plan for retirement in a tax advantaged way?  Or how different sources of income are subject to tax in different manners?  More importantly, have you wondered why these responsibilities and differences exist?

An understanding of individual income tax is a critical part of becoming a contributing member of society.

Our Individual Income Tax course addresses these topics and more, allowing you to build a lifelong skill and to understand and prepare your own tax returns.

BUS 225 Personal Finance (Adulting 101)

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do I make a budget I can stick to?
  • Do I need a credit card in college? After college? If so, what’s the best card?
  • What are the steps to buying a car?
  • Should I rent or buy a house?
  • What’s the best plan for paying off my student loans?
  • How do I save for retirement?

Come find these answers and many more this summer in BUS 225 Personal Finance. No prerequisites necessary and designed with non-business majors in mind. Poole majors should consult their Poole advisor prior to registration.

MIE 201 Introduction to Business Processes

Are you a non-business major interested in developing the business fundamentals you need to be successful in your future career? An understanding of business basics will give you an edge when preparing for careers in engineering, science, design, communications –– and more.

This course covers finance, marketing operations, strategy and organizational behavior and is designed especially for non-business students.

Other Stand-Alone Summer Courses

There are other stand-alone courses frequently offered in the summer that don’t require prerequisites across accounting, marketing, economics and other business disciplines. Check the NC State Class Search to see what’s offered in Summer I and Summer II sessions.

Previously offered Poole summer courses that don’t require prerequisites:

  • ACC 210 Concepts of Financial Reporting
  • ACC 280 Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
  • EC 205 Fundamentals of Economics, etc.

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