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Economic Honors

Students may enroll in economics honors courses if they are part of the University Honors or University Scholars Programs, or if they have at least 3.25 GPA at NC State. The Economics Honors Program is a departmental program open to majors in economics.

Program Requirements

Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in economics who successfully complete the following requirements will receive certification on the transcript as a graduate of the Economics department’s honors program.

GPA requirements:

  • 3.25 overall GPA and
  • 3.25 GPA in all economics courses attempted at NC State

Course requirements:

  • EC 490H (via a student-initiated honors contract)

At least two additional courses from the following list:

  • EC 301 with student-initiated honors contract
  • EC 302 with student-initiated honors contract
  • EC 348 with student-initiated honors contract
  • Any 500-level ECG course (ECG courses generally require a significant math prerequisite)

Student-Initiated Honors Contract

The Economics Department is currently able to offer a student initiated honors contract in EC 301, EC 302, EC 348, and EC 490. Prior to the start of the term, the student should initiate a conversation with the instructor to discuss the additional worked required for an honors contract. Submission of all required documentation by university deadlines is the responsibility of the student initiating the honors contract. To receive official university level “Honors” credit, courses with a student-initiated honors contract generally must be completed with a B- or better.

See the University Honors Program website for contract forms and related procedures.

Questions regarding the Economics Honors Program should be directed to Mr. Andy Nowel, Director of Undergraduate Programs in Economics, at