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Academic Resources

Find the resources you need to succeed in Poole College and at NC State.

Support, From Registration to Graduation

As you navigate your academic journey at NC State, you’ll have questions. We want to help you find the answers.

Here, you’ll find resources from the college and across NC State to help you take your next academic steps. Whether you’re registering for courses, preparing for graduation, reviewing our policies or just learning more about our academic focus, we can connect you with the information you need. If you can’t find it here, contact your advisor or another member of the Poole College undergraduate staff.

Enrich Your Education

Go beyond your classes with programs in our college that deepen your learning, grow your cultural awareness and understanding, build your interdisciplinary knowledge or hone your leadership skills.

23 Professional Full-Time Staff

A team of dedicated staff throughout the college, including eight full-time academic advisors, will help you define and reach your academic goals.