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Learning Outcomes

Explore learning outcomes (LO) for Poole College of Management Undergraduate Programs.

LO 1: Critical Thinking and Quantitative Literacy 

Our students will be able to identify relevant issues and to organize, interpret and  analyze data with appropriate tools and techniques to make business decisions 

  • Identify and organize relevant issues and ideas 
  • Analyze and evaluate data in a logical manner 
  • Describe and select appropriate emerging tools and techniques used to make  business decisions 

LO 2: Social Responsibility Awareness 

Our students will be able to define, identify concerns with, and formulate appropriate responses related to issues of social responsibility including ethical awareness,  sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion. 

  • Define the concepts of social responsibility including ethical awareness, equity,  diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. 
  • Identify specific ethical, equity, diversity and inclusion and sustainability concerns related to business decisions. 
  • Formulate and describe appropriate actions a business can take to address social responsibility concerns related to ethical awareness and behavior, equity,  diversity and inclusion and sustainability. 

LO 3: Business Communication  

Our students will be able to organize and express ideas using appropriate language and  grammar in a business context 

  • Draft documents that address purposes, audiences, and conventions of  business, nonprofit, and public organizations 
  • Apply principles of document design and incorporate visual elements in order to meet the needs of different professional audiences. 
  • Communicate effectively using electronic media appropriate to their professional fields. 
  • Compose written communication with appropriate language and grammar.

LO 4: Global Business Acumen 

Our students will be able to demonstrate an awareness of and familiarity with global business concepts and practices.

Adopted Spring 2020; Last updated May, 2020 

  • Define basic financial, economic, and business concepts related to doing business globally. 
  • Identify trends, opportunities, and strategies for companies engaging in the  global marketplace 

LO 5: Discipline-Specific Skills by Program 

Students will demonstrate discipline-specific knowledge and skills in: 

  • Business: finance, information technology, marketing, operations/supply chain,  HR and entrepreneurship 
  • Accounting: financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax, accounting  information systems, and auditing 
  • Economics: macroeconomics and microeconomics