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Students pursuing concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Information Technology and Internal Auditing (ACC), or students in the Business Analytics Honors Program, have the opportunity to participate in clinical practica courses that allow them to engage fully with businesses and business owners in arriving at solutions to real-world problems.


The Entrepreneurship Clinical Practicum (MIE 419) is focused on experiential learning that is run through the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic. In the Clinical Practicum, students will observe, learn and work alongside startup founders in Raleigh’s largest entrepreneurial co-working space, HQ Raleigh. Clinical students work with an array of startups to evaluate their weaknesses and develop and execute action plans to help them solve a specific business need. (MIE 419 requires a time commitment of 9 hours/week)

Human Resources

The Human Resources Practicum (MIE 439) allows students to gain practical experience with diagnosing an organization’s needs and then planning and recommending appropriate interventions.  Experience with identifying needs will occur through needs assessment interviews with company representatives and analysis and interpretation of key demographic and relevant operational and HR metric data.  Throughout the practicum, students will utilize textbooks, readings, lectures, and practitioner presentations.

Supply Chain/Operations Management

The Supply Chain/Operations Management Practicum (BUS 479) is comprised of a team-based project working on a Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) partner company’s SCM issues. These projects will be as varied in scope as are company’s supply chain issues and improvement initiatives but generally focus on topics such as procurement, materials management, forecasting, logistics, sustainability, or manufacturing.  Though the team will work with the faculty advisor and the clients, the students are ultimately responsible for project management including, scope, work plan, deliverable, milestones and deadlines.  The student team will, during the course of the project, be expected to present long and short term recommendations to the project stakeholders.


Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Honors Program (BAHP) offers select Poole College undergraduate students additional preparation for careers in the high-demand field of business analytics. Students will complete the Business Analytics Practicum (BUS 459H), which provides a team of students the opportunity to work on a real business challenge, under the guidance of both a faculty advisor and the corporate sponsor’s leadership team.