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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many common questions can be found on the Registration and Enrollment page, the Course and Curriculum Updates page, as well as the Policies page. It is your responsibility to understand your degree audit and degree progression.

Waitlists, class restrictions, and other questions while registering for classes

Course availability and offerings change often; continue to check back on classes to see if seats have come open or there are alternative classes/sections. Please read the common questions below. If you cannot enroll in a course because the system is not recognizing that you have met the prerequisites, or you feel that you are being denied enrollment in error, please contact

  • Students received an email with the subject “Instructions for Removing Your Advising Hold (Summer and Fall 2024 Registration” during the second week of October.  Search your inbox for this email if you have additional questions.

There are several different types of holds that can be placed on your account that will prevent you from registering for classes.  Some of the more common types of holds are financial, health services and judicial holds. Academic advisors can not release any of these holds, please contact the department who issued the hold to find out how you can get that hold removed. 

Every semester you will have an advising hold placed on your account.  You will receive an email from early in the semester with instructions on accessing the online advising module to have your hold released or to outline other options for releasing advising holds. Advisors will NOT release advising holds during drop-in or one-on-one appointments.

To access the online advising module go to your Wolfware/Moodle page.  Under “My WolfWare” open your “Projects” tab.  There you will find the appropriate terms online advising module and enter that moodle page.  Complete the online video (with embedded quiz questions) and then complete the Advising Certification Statement (you have to complete the entire video and quizzes before you can access the certification statement).  Your advising hold will be released within 1-2 business days, though likely sooner. 

If you see this on a non-Poole (not ACC, BUS, or EC) class you can reach out to the instructor to request permission to enroll. If it is a Poole course please contact an academic advisor instead of the instructor directly. Poole faculty do not have the ability to add students to classes. Please contact the Poole Advising Team at

Some courses or class sections might have seats reserved for students in a specific population (ex. seats reserved for Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) students or for students in a specific major). If you do not meet that specific requirement you will not be permitted to register for that course/section, you can look for a different course/section in which to enroll.

Continue to check back on classes, get on waitlists when possible, and search the Enrollment Wizard for alternates.  Sections can come open, or more seats can be added at a moment’s notice. There is a lot of opportunity for your schedule to change between your registration date and when the next semester begins.

As a Poole student, you are unable to register for a course that you need to take to stay on track for graduation, please get on the waitlist as soon as you are able and then contact an advisor. If the waitlist is full or there is no waitlist you should contact an advisor.

Declaring or changing a Poole major and/or concentration

Poole students are encouraged to declare their major (Business, Accounting, or Economics) by the end of their second semester. Information on declaring your Poole major can be found at

Students in the Business Administration major will have the option of declaring a concentration. This is typically done during a student’s Junior year, after taking 300-level courses in the different concentration options. Information on declaring your Poole concentration can be found at

If you are a current Poole student and you wish to add a second major within Poole please schedule an appointment with the Poole Advising Team at If you are a current Poole student and you wish to add a second major from a different college on campus you will have to complete a CODA application to be admitted to that second, non-Poole, major.

Officially, the college only recognizes one concentration through the declaration process, but you are permitted to complete coursework in another Poole concentration subject. During the registration process, preference is given to students enrolled in their first concentration. However, if seats remain, you can add courses outside your concentration. Please use “What If” feature in your Degree Audit to see the courses required for other concentrations.

Please schedule an appointment with the Poole Advising Team at

Common degree audit questions

Your degree audit shows all requirements to earn your degree. It is your responsibility to appropriately plan your path to graduation and make satisfactory progress toward your degree.

Potential course substitutions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You should first speak with a member of the Poole Advising Team to see if your request is appropriate. After this conversation, you might be asked to complete a Request for Degree Requirement Exception form.

To have your degree audit amended, please contact the Poole Advising Team at You might have to complete the Request for Degree Requirement Exception form to have the change be formally reviewed.

Free and advised electives are a wonderful opportunity to lend breadth and depth to your degree, explore a subject that you are interested in, study abroad, or pursue a minor. If you click on the “Details” button for Free and Advised Electives, you will find that there is NOT a list of recommended courses to take.  Almost any college credit course that is NOT a specific degree requirement can be taken as a Free Elective.

“C-Wall” classes are those classes in which you must earn a C- or better for your degree. To see the courses in your degree that have the C-Wall requirement, look on your degree audit.  Each class with this requirement will have the “C- or better required” indication below the course title. Not all major requirement courses are C-Wall.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (aka Credit Only or Pass/Fail) means that you take a course for credit instead of for a letter grade. Poole students are allowed to take only the HES requirements and a certain number of free electives as S/U, all other coursework, including GEP classes, must be completed for a grade. For additional questions about S/U consult an academic advisor.

You can check MyPack and the Total Units button in your degree audit to see how close you are to completing your degree.

Accounting students may possibly earn internship credit through ACC 499, which is managed by the Accounting Department. If a Business or Economics student has an unpaid internship with a for-profit employer who requires that the intern receive academic credit for the experience, the student might have the opportunity to gain one credit of free electives through the Poole Career Development Center internship class.

Transferring classes from a different institution

Poole students are permitted to complete courses at other institutions. You can find known equivalent courses at institutions around the world using the NC State Transfer Credit Database.  If a class is not in the transfer credit database you can have it evaluated to see how it will transfer in by completing the Request for Degree Requirement Exception form.

Many degree requirements can be completed at other institutions, but a C- or better must be earned at the other institution for the credit to be accepted by NC State. If you plan to take classes at another institution, be sure to complete the Request for Course Transfer Approval form before completing the class.  The Residency Requirements for NC State, Poole College of Management, and your major do require that a certain amount of courses for your degree have to be taken at NC State. 

Have the other institution send your official transcript directly to NC State’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will process the transcript and post the credit to your degree audit.

If the transfer credit is not yet showing in your Transfer Credit Report you can contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to determine whether or not it has been received. If the credit is showing in your Transfer Credit Report but not in the correct spot in your degree audit please contact an academic advisor.

I am an NC State student and I want to transfer to the Poole College of Management what do I need to do?

Review the CODA (Change of Degree Application) process on our website.

How do I make an appointment with an academic advisor?

  1. Follow:
  2. Click “Schedule an Advising Appointment” button
  3. Enter the care unit (Academic and Student Services), location (Poole College of Management) and service/reason for the appointment.
  4. Select an advisor
  5. Select an appointment time (available openings will appear after you make a selection from the grid). GPS shows appointments for the next 28 days ahead of time, if there are no available appointments in the next 28 days keep checking back and watching for additional appointments.
  6. View confirmation details and click “confirm”

The appointment will appear in your calendar in the red banner on the left under the calendar icon. *If there is an active appointment campaign with an advisor, it will appear as a yellow banner at the top of your homepage. Follow the prompts from there to make an appointment within that campaign instead.

Advising questions for non-Poole majors should be submitted via email to