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Majors and Minors

We offer a range of high-quality degree options to prepare you for whatever career you choose.

Find Your Fit

Students in Poole College can choose a major from among three areas:

Each program includes options to select concentrations or types of degrees to further focus your studies. Or if you want broader exposure to multiple areas, you can also choose from a variety of minors, like accounting and business entrepreneurship, to supplement your degree.

Each degree program offers teaching from faculty who are experts in their fields, as well as abundant opportunities to put your learning into practice in real-world situations. No matter what course of study you pursue, you’ll leave NC State prepared to make your mark on the business world.

Explore Minors

Whether your major is in Poole College or elsewhere at NC State, you can supplement it by completing one or more of our four minor programs: accounting, business administration, business entrepreneurship or economics.

Out-of-focus students walk past a wall with a "NC State Poole College of Management" sign

Choose Your Own Adventure

Degree programs in Poole College aren’t one-size-fits-all. Here, you can make your academic journey your own.

Through the Management First-Year program, students in our college take courses across all key areas of business, giving them the experience they need to select an area of specialization and also be a well-rounded contributor in any field they choose.

Students can further broaden their horizons by participating in one of our honors, dual degree or global study programs. The staff and faculty in our college are dedicated to helping you find the path that’s right for you and follow it successfully.