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Jobs and Internships

Learn how to secure a job or an internship with this quick guide.

Quick Guide: How to Secure an Internship or a Job

  1. Complete your resume and update your LinkedIn profile. Review Poole’s Resume Style Guide to write a professional, business-related resume.
  2. Meet with a Career Coach. After you update your resume and build your profile, let a Poole career coach review it to offer feedback.  Use ePack to schedule an appointment.
  3. Develop your job/internship search strategies.
  4. Network. Attend career events at Poole to connect with employers and alumni.
  5. Visit ePack for job postings. ePack is the campus-wide career information management system to begin your search for jobs and internships.

Majority of summer internships now remote or hybrid.

Global Internships

Elevate your resume, increase your confidence and experience life abroad with a global internship.