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Transfer Course Policy

The Poole College is implementing a new policy regarding transfer courses and how they count toward major degree requirements. Any course taken starting with the Spring 2019 semester falls under this new policy.

While the University decides which transfer courses are awarded NC State credit, the colleges and academic departments determine how those transfer credits will count towards a specific degree. This policy only affects how courses can be applied to Poole College major degrees and minor certifications. It does not affect whether those courses will be counted for NC State credit by the university.

Restriction on Transfer Courses for Poole Majors & Minors

TRANSFER COURSE POLICY effective Spring 2019:

Courses approved by the University for NC State credit will be accepted for use in Poole College degree plans in conjunction with the following guidelines:

  1. 100-level courses taken at other U.S. institutions will not be accepted to fulfill 300- or 400-level major degree requirements*.
  2. 200-level courses taken at other U.S. institutions are subject to review by the Office of Undergraduate Programs in consultation with the academic departments to determine suitability to fulfill 300- or 400-level major degree requirements*

*A list of what is considered a 300 or 400-level “major degree requirement” can be found below

Additional Guidelines Associated with the Transfer Course Policy:

  • This policy only applies to courses taken at U.S. higher education institutions; courses from institutions outside the United States are reviewed by the Poole Office of Undergraduate Programs on an individual basis.
  • Courses awarded transfer credit by NC State that are not eligible to fulfill major degree requirements may still be used to fulfill free electives as appropriate.
  • Courses that do not fit into the 100/200/300/400 numbering system (e.g., BUS 1002) will be reviewed individually by the Office of Undergraduate Programs.
  • The Poole College reserves the right to make updates or changes to how transfer courses will count at any point, based on a full review of the course.

As this policy is implemented, we are working to update places where previous course equivalencies were published, including NC State’s transfer course database.  As is noted in the disclaimer that accompanies the transfer course database:

Courses found on these lists are considered to be college level for admissions purposes. Their applicability to a specific degree program varies by department. The course equivalencies on this list are for information purposes only and subject to change due to revisions in course offerings at the external institution and at NC State.

If you have questions about this policy, or about how it applies to specific transfer courses, please contact your Poole academic advisor (if you are already in a Poole major), or the curriculum unit in the Office of Undergraduate Programs (

Major Degree Courses Subject to the Transfer Courses Policy

ACC Major
Degree Requirements:
BUS Major
Degree Requirements
EC Major
Degree Requirements
BUS 320BUS 320All 300-level EC courses
BUS 340BUS 340All 400-level EC courses
BUS 360BUS 360 
BUS 370BUS 370 
MIE 305MIE 305 
MIE 330MIE 310 
MIE 480MIE 330 
ACC 310MIE 480 
ACC 311All 400-level BUS Courses 
ACC 330All 400-level MIE Courses 
ACC 340All 400-level Concentration Courses 
All 400-level ACC Courses  
All 400-level Concentration Courses