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Congratulations! As you enter your final semester and or your senior year it is important to make sure you are aware of the process to graduate. As the end of the semester grows closer you will receive information regarding commencement via email. While attendance for commencement is not required, students who choose to participate in the commencement ceremony will need to prepare for this date. 

Step-by-step Graduation Guide

1. Check Degree Requirements

  • Check your Degree Audit in MyPack Portal to make sure that you’ve completed or are enrolled in your final requirements for your degree, and that you’re meeting the university’s graduation eligibility requirements, as well as major and cumulative GPA requirements. It is also wise to check with your academic advisor to make sure you are not missing any requirements.
  • Consider using any applicable grade exclusions – please talk with your advisor about this option.
  • Add or drop a minor.

2. Apply to graduate

  • All NC State students must submit an application to graduate in MyPack Portal in order to graduate. You should apply for graduation in the first month of the semester you are planning to graduate.

3. Update your personal information

4. Attend Commencement (optional)

  •  Commencement is the ceremony meant to celebrate all of the graduating seniors. The University has two commencement ceremonies each year. Poole also holds two commencement ceremonies each year – one in May and one in December. You can choose which ceremonies you would like to participate in, but you are not required to participate in any commencement to receive your diploma.
  • If you complete your degree requirements in Spring or Fall semesters, you will participate in the ceremony at the end of that semester. If you complete your degree requirements in Maymester or Summer semesters, please see the following policy to determine in which ceremony you can participate and be recognized in other ways: Poole Commencment Participation Policy.
  • Logistics for the commencement ceremonies can be found at the Poole Commencement website. Please note that this site will be updated with important commencement information and logistics as it becomes available.

5. Receive Your Diploma

Once the degree is conferred after final grades post and Registration and Records verify all requirements are meant, the Diplomas are sent out in the mail.  Students may receive their diploma within a few months of graduating. Please visit the Registration and Records website to find details about when you will receive your diploma.