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Poole Pathways

Get the most out of your Poole experience. Poole Pathways can help you navigate your own unique journey by finding, documenting and reflecting on high-impact experiences at Poole.

With so many choices in and outside the classroom, it can be hard to figure out the best way to build key skills and create your own brand during college. Poole Pathways is designed to help guide you by providing structure and a way to track and showcase experiences in six important competency areas that the college and employers know are important.

Each pathway is different as students decide how to engage during their time at Poole. Track your progress and share what you want in your digital portfolio.

Why Should I Participate?

  • Competency skills are equally as important as a student’s GPA in the hiring process.
  • Competencies are based on what employers are looking for when hiring.
  • The digital portfolio helps you reflect on your engagement with your employers in an easy way.
  • The digital portfolio helps you organize and plan high-impact experiences at Poole and NC State.


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