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Senior Advising

Graduating Seniors

Congratulations! As you prepare for the completion of your undergraduate degree please follow the steps outlined in the

Graduation and Commencement Ceremony page 



How are you using your time at NC State to develop in the following areas and prepare to take these skills into the workforce:

  • Ensure you have a polished resume and a list of references who will provide reference letters.
  • Update your resume using VMock
  • Upload your resume into ePack for internship and full-time positions
  • Have a plan to maintain and grow your professional network.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Refer to the Senior year checklist in the Poole Career Guide (PDF opens in a new tab).

  • Lead an inclusive initiative in the organization you are most involved with
  • Volunteer to host 1st-year international students for English conversation hours
  • Volunteer to mentor new incoming students with different social identities in the organizations you are most involved with
  • Lead a food/clothing drive for Feed The Pack and the Career Services Clothes Closet in the organization you are most involved with
  • Join forces with another student-led organization and co-host a learning workshop for all members to become aware of a social issue
  • How have you developed cultural competency skills to ensure you can be a leader in the workforce and in the community?

  • Be able to articulate the involvement opportunities during your academic career and how the knowledge and skills acquired have prepared you to be a good member of the community
  • Join alumni and/or community groups