Senior Advising

  • Check your degree audit – do you know exactly what you have left to do? Do you see errors?
  • Graduation and Commencement Preparation
You will apply for graduation during your final term (finishing your final degree requirements). The application deadline for Spring 2019 graduation is February 11, 2019.
Use your grade exclusions
Talk with your academic advisor and then submit grade exclusions through MyPack.

Add or drop a minor
Check with the department offering the minor to see if you need to submit a minor certification form.

Please note: A minor certification form is not required for Poole College of Management minors.

Graduation Application Instructions:

Double major? You have to submit a separate application for each major.

Logistics for the Commencement Ceremonies:  Please note that this site will be updated with important information as it becomes available.
Graduation occurs after you finish all of your degree requirements for your major. Commencement is a ceremony that takes place to celebrate your completion of your degree requirements.
Yes, you have to let the university know your intent to finish your requirements. If you do not apply, then the university does not know that you have completed your requirements and you will not receive your diploma.
No, you do not have to attend commencement in order to graduate from NC State. The University has two commencement ceremonies each year. Poole also holds two commencement ceremonies each year – May and December. You can choose which ceremonies you would like to participate in, but you are not required to participate in any commencement to receive your diploma.

If you complete your degree requirements in Spring or Fall semesters, you will participate in the ceremony at the end of that semester.

If you complete your degree requirements in Maymester or Summer semesters, please see the following policy to determine which ceremony you can participate in: Poole Commencement Participation Policy

Diplomas are distributed by Registration and Records.  Please visit their website to find out details about when you will receive your diploma.