Courses and Enrollment

Fall 2018 Updates: Stay tuned over the summer

Courses taught by the Poole College of Management (ACC, BUS, EC, MIE) are very popular. Our priority in the Poole College is to ensure that Poole majors (and minors) have access to the courses they need and are able to enroll in those courses to stay on track for graduation. To manage this process, and to be transparent about enrollment controls and deadlines, we will follow the process outlined below.



General Guidelines | Questions or Problems

Guidelines for:  Poole Majors | Poole Minors | NDS Students

Scheduling Grids for: EC Courses | ACC Courses | BUS/MIE Courses

General Guidelines

    • Most Accounting (ACC), Business (BUS), Economics (EC), and Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (MIE) courses will be closed to students not in a Poole major or minor until the fourth day of class (see the exceptions and calendars below); 400-level Poole courses will not be open to students who are not in a Poole major or minor at any point. (some exceptions may be made for non-degree students)
    • M 100 is restricted to students who are already in a Poole major and is not an option for students who are pursuing the CODA process until after they have been officially accepted.
    • Many 200-level and 300-level Poole courses/sections will be open to anyone at NC State (e.g., MIE 201-001, ACC 210-001) from the start (though some seats may still be reserved for Poole students).
    • We will implement enrollment controls such that students who need to schedule a course for a particular concentration (e.g., Business Finance, Accounting Internal Auditing) will have access first (only if already enrolled in that concentration), then we will open those courses up to the broader Poole population.
    • Poole will utilize the university’s registration waitlist function for courses that are full for Poole students (waitlists close the first day of classes).
    • During the second week of classes, Poole College Consent is required by any student seeking to add a Poole course.  Students interested in adding a Poole course during this period should email AND the faculty member (in the same email) teaching the course to request consideration to add the course.  Please note, faculty do not have the ability to add students to their class.
    • The calendars below provide specific details on when courses will be open to specific groups of students for enrollment – assuming that your enrollment window has opened.

Guidelines for Poole Major Students

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that you enroll in the appropriate courses when your enrollment window opens.  Failure to register in a timely fashion may result in your not being able to get the courses you need to stay on track or graduate on time.
    • If you still have an advising hold on your account, please review the emails sent to your email account from your academic advisor. Please contact your advisor if you have more questions.
    • If you are unable to register for a course that you need to stay on track or graduate, please get on the waitlist as soon as you are able, and contact your advisor (after getting on the waitlist).  If the waitlist is full, you should still contact your advisor.
    • If you cannot enroll in a course because the system is not recognizing that you have met the prereqs, or you feel that you are being denied enrollment in error, please contact your advisor ASAP.
    • We will not consider requests for course changes or enroll you in a course that is full for convenience reasons (e.g., don’t want to have to take an 8am class, don’t like the instructor, etc.)

Guidelines for Poole Minor Students

    • Eligibility for Poole courses is dependent on already having been accepted into the Poole minor prior to the semester of enrollment.
    • Students in the ACC minor will have access to controlled minor courses in April (see the calendar below for specific dates).
    • *NEW* Students in the EC minor will have access to controlled minor courses (except EC 490 and 491) in April (see the calendar below for specific dates).
    • Students in the Business minor will have access to controlled minor courses on August 1. If you have not already been accepted into the business minor, we can’t provide an exception to allow you to register for courses.
    • Please check your NC State email for additional information you should have received on scheduling courses for Poole minors.

Guidelines for Non-Degree (NDS) Students

    • The university dictates when enrollment for non-degree (NDS) students opens. For Spring 2018 courses, this date is tentatively scheduled for August 3.
    • NDS students may have access to Poole courses on a case-by-case basis. Some seats in online (601 section) Poole courses are reserved for NDS students, contact Delta for enrollment information; students who wish to enroll in classroom-based Poole courses should contact if they wish to enroll.

Questions or Problems?

For Poole students, please contact your advisor with questions. For non-Poole students, if you have questions about courses, please contact the Scheduling Office in the Poole Office of Undergraduate Programs at (we will do our best to respond to your email within 48 hours but during busy times, it may take longer).  If you have questions about transferring to programs in the Poole College of Management, email the Poole College Office of Undergraduate Programs at

Additionally, for Poole students, walk-in hours are available with Poole advisors at the times specified here and additional walk-in hours for both Poole and non-Poole students will be scheduled for the first week of classes.  Please check this page prior to the beginning of the fall 2018 semester for specific days and times.

Course Enrollment Calendars

The tables below provide information on when different courses will be available to different groups of students. These provide general guidelines, but there are some exceptions that may not be covered (e.g., Honors courses, special topics courses, practicum courses), please consult the schedule of courses for specific restrictions for specific courses.  To qualify for enrollment, you must have been officially accepted to that major/minor/concentration (not be planning to declare).  The deadlines also only apply when the course has seats available and when all prerequisites are met.  Restrictions will be amended/lifted by 9am on the day indicated.

EC Courses

Group EC 301 and 302 300-Level
EC 490
Economics Majors Always Always Always Always
Economics Minors April 9 April 9 April 9 April 9
Other Poole Students (ACC, BUS, MGMTFY*) April 20 April 20 April 20 April 20
All Other Students May 2 Aug 27 @ 5pm N/A N/A

*MGMTFY = pre-major (undeclared) students in Poole


ACC Courses

Group 300-Level
ACC 440 ACC 450
ACC (w/ declared concentration) Always Always *Always for Specific
BUS (w/ declared concentration) April 9 *Always for Specific
April 20 April 9
ACC (w/ declared
Always April 9 April 9 Always
ACC Majors
(no concentration declared)
Always April 9 April 9 Always
All other Poole Students
April 9 April 20 April 20 April 20
(no MGMT)
Accounting Minors April 9 April 9 April 20 N/A
All Other Students Aug 27 @ 5pm N/A N/A N/A

*MGMTFY = pre-major (undeclared) students in Poole


BUS/MIE Courses

Group 300-Level
MIE 480 MIE 419
BUS (w/ declared concentration) Always Always for Specific
Only BUS &
ACC Seniors
ACC (w/ declared concentration) Always Always for Specific
Only BUS &
ACC Seniors
BUS (other conc. or no conc. declared) Always April 9 Only BUS &
ACC Seniors
Other Poole Students
Always April 9 N/A Always
Business Minors Aug 1 @ 9AM
(for 001 sections only)
(w/out dept consent)
All Other Students Aug 27 @ 5pm N/A N/A N/A

*MGMTFY = pre-major (undeclared) students in Poole
**Courses for the Data Analytics Honors Program (BUS 458, BUS 459) are only open to students in that program
***400-Level entrepreneurship courses (MIE  410-418) open Aug 1 for Business Entrepreneurship minors