Summer at the Poole

Are YOU ready to dive into the real world?

Non-business majors: Spend your summer 2019 at the Poole and complement your major with business and life skills!

Choose what works best for you –– stand-alone courses or a business minor. Open and designed for non-business majors, Poole College has flexible summer options for you –– including online courses you can complete from anywhere in the world.


Stand-alone Courses

Take BUS 225 (Personal Finance) and learn about how to create a budget, pay off your student loans and more. With BUS 280 (Business Essentials), you'll learn business basics that will give you an edge when preparing for careers in engineering, science, communications –– and more.

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Business Minor

Start or speed up your business minor with summer courses. Most business minor courses are offered online in summer 2019. A minor can be completed in just two summers!

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