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First Year Advising

pcom freshmen


  • Begin to build relationships with faculty and staff
  • Visit instructors during office hours for course-related questions and to get to know them
  • Establish strong time management skills
  • Develop study habits and techniques that work for you
  • Take advantage of the Undergraduate Tutorial Center and other academic support resources
  • Strengthen communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Actively research which majors, minors, concentrations, fields of study are best for you and your future career goals

Think about how you will use your time at NC State to grow in the following areas:

  • Update your resume using guidelines and sample resumes in our Career Resources Guide
  • Create a profile in your ePACK account, including updating your academic major and graduation date.  ePACK is the campus career events and job posting system
  • Create a LinkedIn profile using the guide for college students.  Be sure to add a professional-looking photo
  • Learn more about business careers, types of employers, and strategies for your career by reviewing What Can I Do with This Major? 
  • Explore other online resources offered by the Poole College of Management Career Center
  • Schedule an appointment with a career coach in the Poole College Career Center through ePACK. Get your resume reviewed, discuss your career interests, get assistance with your internship and job search
  • Refer to the Freshman year checklist in the Poole Career Guide (PDF opens in a new tab)

  • Use resources from M 100 – Personal and Professional Development to deepen your understanding of Identity
  • Take the time to meet students who have different visible and invisible identities than you
  • Engage in enrichment opportunities offered by the Campus Cultural Centers
  • Attend events hosted in Nelson Hall by the Poole College Diversity and Inclusion team
  • Visit the African American American Cultural Center Gallery
  • Use your GEPs and Free Electives to take courses about diverse topics and identities

  • Join one student organization related to your major and one organization in which you are personally interested
  • Be an active member of a student organization of your choice and consider future leadership opportunities
  • Take advantage of campus programs and events to meet new people, learn about yourself, and give back to the campus and surrounding community
  • Begin the Visionary Leaders Certificate Program (Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement)