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Graduating Seniors


Graduation & Commencement Information

Congratulations! As you prepare for the completion of your undergraduate degree please find additional information on the Graduation & Commencement page linked below.


  • Check your degree audit – do you know exactly what you have left to do? Do you see errors?
  • Learn about Graduation and the Commencement Ceremony policies and procedures

How are you using your time at NC State to develop in the following areas:

Take courses that expand your worldview and prepare you to enter an international workforce

  • Ensure you have a polished resume and a list of references who will provide reference letters.
  • Upload your resume into ePack for internship and full-time positions
  • Have a plan to maintain and grow your professional network.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile.

Refer to the Senior year checklist in the Poole Career Guide (PDF opens in a new tab)

  • Lead an inclusive initiative in the organization you are most involved with.
  • Volunteer to host 1st-year international students for Engligh conversation hours.
  • Volunteer to mentor new incoming students with different social identities in the organizations you are most involved with.
  • Lead a food/clothing drive for Feed The Pack and the Career Services Clothes Closet in the organization you are most involved with.
  • Join forces with another student-led organization and co-host a learning workshop for all members to become aware of a social issue.
  • How have you developed cultural competency skills to ensure you can be a leader in the workforce and in the community?
  • Be able to articulate the involvement opportunities during your academic career and how the knowledge and skills acquired have prepared you to be a good member of the community.
  • Join alumni and/or community groups.