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Sophomore Advising

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  • Use the resources the college has to offer to make your decision on which major to choose and declare that major if you have not already
  • Visit instructors during office hours for course-related questions and to get to know them.  They may be able to serve as references when you apply for a job or to graduate school
  • Take advantage of the Academic SuccessCenter and other academic support resources

Create an action plan to guide your development in the following areas:

  • Update your ePack account with your current resume
  • Attend career-related workshops and networking events – continue building your professional network!
  • Set up a summer internship or some type of work experience where you can gain transferable skills
  • Set up or update your LinkedIn profile
  • Attend a Poole Career & Internship fair to practice networking with employers
  • Conduct informational interviews with individuals doing work of interest to you
  • Conduct practice interviews with a career coach
  • Refer to the Sophomore year checklist in the Poole Career Guide (PDF opens in a new tab)

  • Attend events hosted by Poole College Diversity and Inclusion team specifically labeled “Path to Allyship” programs
  • Join the MSA, OIED, or AACC listservs to learn more about events on campus that may interest you
  • Participate in the EOI Workshops
  • Delve deeper into identity and inclusion.  Challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort level and ask new people to be in your group projects whom you haven’t worked with before
  • Complete the Developing the Cultural Competency Certificate Program

  • Be an active member of a student organization of your choice and consider future leadership opportunities
  • Pursue one student organization related to your major or career interests and one organization in which you are personally interested
  • Complete the Visionary Leaders Certificate Program (Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement)