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May 2018 graduates who completed an internship or co-op experience

Dylan Barrick
Supply Chain Intern, Honda Aircraft Company

How did you find the position?

I found Honda Aircraft on the list of companies that would be at the NC State Supply Chain Career Fair. After doing some research, I liked what I read and decided to apply.

How has this experience helped you? What have you learned?

My experience at Honda Aircraft has been invaluable. It has allowed me to work in a professional environment that values teamwork and collaboration. I have gained first-hand knowledge of not only the inner workings of Supply Chain, but also of the many other departments that work together to make the HondaJet a reality. In addition, I have learned several practical skills, such as SAP, Teamcenter, and MS Excel, as well as many soft skills, such as how best to work in a professional environment, collaborate with people from other departments, and maintain good relations with suppliers.

Unique Experiences:

Working for an aircraft manufacturer comes with its perks. In addition to being able to look out from my desk and see HondaJets and other commercial planes take off and land at Piedmont Airport, Honda Aircraft provides its interns with many tours of the campus. Whether it be attending customer deliveries of HondaJets, seeing the production of the aircraft first-hand, witnessing flight tests in R&D, or taking part in a flight simulation, Honda Aircraft has all the excitement that one can hope for in an internship.

Advice to Others:

I would recommend other students to use internships as an opportunity to experiment with things that interest them. Internships are typically less defined, and allow for much more leeway in job duties compared to full time employment, so make the most of your time as an intern, and try out things that you otherwise could not.

Johnny Calcagne
Audit Intern, Wells Fargo

How did you find the position?

I found the internship on the Wells Fargo careers site and applied via their job portal.

How has the experience helped you? What have you learned?

This internship experience was related to my degree as an accounting major. Additionally, it was a great introduction to a large corporate working environment. I learned a lot about communication in the workplace as well as how a large corporation manages and mitigates risk via specific controls.

Unique Experiences:
I felt that the most interesting or exciting part of my internship was the ability to have free reign on some of the assignments I was working on. They tasked me with some high level projects which was a unique experience and rare for an intern.

Advice to Others:

My advice is to be open to any type of work experience because it will be beneficial. Also, apply to as many places as possible and you will be surprised with the result.

Lexi Weidman
Business Analyst Intern, Cisco

How did you find the position?

I found this internship by going to the Fall Career and Internship Fair.

How has the experience helped you?What have you learned?

I strategized how to transform Cisco’s weaknesses into strengths, used collaboration and strategy to find the key points in our research that will create a great business opportunity for Cisco, utilized Microsoft Visio to detail and visualize a security standard process, finalized a process to unify two different sides of a department, and tested different tools to see which would optimize performance for the department.

Unique Experiences:

Something fun that I did during my internship was be able to research the new up and coming technology: blockchain and how it can be utilized to Cisco's advantage for their current products and their internal infrastructure!

Advice to Others:

Some advice I would give to other students who wish to do an internship is to not be afraid to ask questions, sometimes you'll be helping others who have the same question. Also do not be afraid to put it out there that you wish to intern during the year as well, I did and I am still working part time at Cisco!

Namrata Jumani
Salesforce Team Intern, Ipreo

How did you find the position?

I found out about this (incredible) opportunity at the Poole College of Management Career Fair!

How has the experience helped you? What have you learned?

This internship has allowed me to experience a professional work environment, to take ownership of my career, and to grow as an individual. At Ipreo, interns are welcomed as valuable contributors, we’re asked to do purposeful work that helps the company, and to learn skills that are applicable in the real world. I’ve gotten the chance to get maximized exposure to the fintech industry by working alongside my team and managers, by attending trainings for different verticals of the company, and by choosing to take responsibility for assignments that interest me. This internship provided an environment in which I could develop myself outside of my comfort zone, strengthen and diversify my skill set, and prepare myself for my future. For example, I learned that I enjoy working on many different projects at once, this allows me to address different needs, shift my focus throughout the day, and understand the 'big picture' for the company.

Unique Experiences:

As part of the internship program, we got to do a high ropes course team building event at TreeRunner Raleigh! It was a really cool way to get to know the other interns and it was a really fun day up in the trees. Ipreo also took us to do an escape room together to develop our problem-solving skills. We had weekly catered Lunch & Learns with company executives and got to network at private events and at company fairs! These were a great way to learn more about the company and meet people across all teams, plus there was always great food!