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May 2019 graduates who completed an internship or co-op experience

Undergraduate Student Internship Report - Summer 2018

Christine Long
Services and Support Intern, NetApp

How did you find the position?

A fellow business student at NC State was employed as an HR intern at NetApp. We became friends after knowing each other for several years and working on group projects together in our classes. When she saw this position open up, she sent it to me as she knew my interests and skills and believed I was a good fit for the role. Thankfully, she was right!

How has this experience helped you? What have you learned?

My summer internship has helped me to develop a habit of asking questions. Being in a tech company can be incredibly overwhelming as I have no technical/engineering background. In evaluating business processes, it is imperative that I understand what these processes are aiming to accomplish, including the technical elements. Asking my coworkers questions enables me to understand the context of our business and perform my job well.

Unique Experiences:

One of my priorities in my internship search was to find a company that shares my passion for serving my community. NetApp is incredibly devoted to giving back- they offer every full time employee five paid days off for community service and host many events and programs benefiting local charities. One day, I served lunch at our company cafe alongside fellow interns and company executives. All proceeds from the event benefited the Food Bank. As interns, we spent a workday volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and built a playhouse that will be auctioned off to raise money for Habitat. These were great ways to give back to our community and to bond with some of my coworkers.

Advice to Others:

Network! I don't just mean introduce yourself to people; a LinkedIn contact who knows nothing about you pales in comparison to someone who can attest to your work ethic and professional abilities. Group projects and study groups are incredible opportunities to learn, develop your professional skills, and show them to others. You never know where your classmates will go!

Stevie Thompson
Global Accounts and Agency Advertising Sales Intern, Spotify

How did you find the position?

I found the internship by connecting with recruiters via LinkedIn and Spotify recruiters reached out to me about the position.

How has the experience helped you? What have you learned?

This was my 5th internship experience while in college and Spotify put the icing on the cake! I learned how to develop business cases, communicate on a global perspective and negotiate contracts with clients and agencies that involve selling our advertising inventory. Spotify helped me develop personally and professionally. I had an awesome experience!

Unique Experiences:
I've had the opportunity of going global to London to communicate with COOs, leads and CEOs of our top agencies to communicate ways to partner for the future of Spotify. I was also able to work on a project that involved innovating within Advertising Sales at Spotify and I was able to implement a gaming partnership that could create huge revenue for Spotify.

Advice to Others:

Keep grinding and never give up. Connect to everyone you want to connect with on LinkedIn no matter what people say because connection is everything. Make sure your internship fits who you are and make sure it align with your goals.

Josh Walker
Risk Analyst, Credit Suisse

How did you find the position?

I found out about this position through a mutual friend, I learned about Credit Suisse’s presence in Raleigh since I only thought of them as being in New York before. I then applied and went through 4-5 interviews before securing an offer.

How has the experience helped you?What have you learned?

The internship has helped me develop and strengthen countless soft skills (presentation skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, project management skills, time management skills, and networking skills) and technical skills (Excel, VBA/SQL coding, Tableau, corporate PowerPoint, risk management systems). This experience has tremendously expanded my knowledge of the investment banking and risk management industry. I have learned how to take a project from the initial stages, through testing/validation/remediation, and then eventually propose and present a final presentation to key stakeholders.

Unique Experiences:

It was really cool to work for an organization that is constantly in the Wall Street Journal and other mainstream news outlets. I was also able to have meetings with directors and managers in various parts of the world including Switzerland, London, New York, Mumbai, and Poland.

Advice to Others:

My advice is to get involved in a leadership opportunity in a club or student organization to give you the soft skills that will help you in an internship. I’d also advise focusing a lot of your energy on your business school projects, case studies, and presentations. These are what you can use in an interview to sell yourself and separate yourself from the crowd. Lastly, don’t count out relentless networking and always use your professors as resources. Use LinkedIn and career expos and opportunities to make those connections. All it takes is one connection to launch a career.

Christina Arniotes
Learning and Development Intern, Canon USA

How did you find the position?

I applied to the Insights Intern program through their company website.

How has the experience helped you? What have you learned?

This internship has helped introduce me to working in a large company corporation. I have also learned a lot about facilitation and creating facilitator guides. I also enjoy helping create content for other departments in Canon and helping create a course from beginning to end.

Unique Experiences:

This internship afforded me many memorable experiences. We took several trips. One trip was to Long Island City and Manhattan. Canon gave each intern thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment and provided a camera workshop class. We then got to explore the city with professional photographers and take pictures. The next day we learned about printing and we entered our photos into a photo competition with awesome prizes like a DSLR Camera. Canon USA featured me on their instagram story during the trip.

Advice to Others:

Apply and check on the status of your application to let employers know you’re interested in the position. Specifically for Canon, I would tell students to apply and follow up with University Relations at Canon. They had over 13,000 applicants and they only take 21 interns so it is important to try and stand out. The University Relations team is extremely friendly, do not be afraid to reach out and ask questions to the team!