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Poole Pride

Beginning in 2018, Poole College of Management’s Diversity and Inclusion Team launched a Poole Pride Campaign. We started the year off with “Ally” buttons and Pride stickers in celebration of National Coming Out Day on October 11, 2018.

In our effort to “change the narrative of Poole College” and be inclusive by design we are beginning conversations to engage our  LGBTQ+ community and are preparing to host an inaugural Poole Pride event spring semester 2018.

One push that we are doing is around the idea of gender pronouns. Traditionally, society has associated the pronouns “he, him, his” with individuals who were born males and “she, her, hers” with individuals who were born females. When referring to someone without using their name, it is easy to use gender pronouns. For example, “She is going to an event.”

We own it. When it comes to pronouns, our official system only allows us to conform to the binary of male and female sex that was assigned at birth and corresponding pronouns. Nonetheless, we celebrate all identities and see the power of not conforming to those binaries and encourage the expression of all gender identities.

If you have a preferred pronoun that is not recognized by the university system, we want to know so that we can change how and when we email you! We invite you to share with us and stop by Nelson 2150 with the request to speak to Mrs. Butler or a member of the Diversity and Inclusion team to discuss further how the office of Undergraduate Programs can honor your preferred pronouns.

Sharing awareness in Nelson Hall

We like to support the idea of preferred pronouns. Not everyone’s preferred pronouns will match the sex (male or female) they were assigned at birth. Understanding that male and female identities uphold binary, some decide not to conform to the binary and utilize “they, them, their” as their gender neutral pronouns. A common practice to encourage sharing of preferred pronouns is easy! When sharing your name, follow with “and I use ‘she/her/hers’ or ‘he/him/his’ or ‘them/they/theirs’ as pronouns” This is an easy way to help anyone who would like their pronouns respected be heard.

Poole Pride

Poole Pride, March 1st 2019

Workshops for empowerment as well as workshops for allies will be featured in Nelson hall during the day on March 1st.

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