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Develop the business skills you need to stand out among your peers and gain a competitive advantage in your chosen field.


Every path to success looks different and starts in a unique place. This orientation website will allow you to learn and explore all of the different ways you can chart your own course in Poole. Start by viewing the welcome from our Dean and listening to what our students think makes us special. Then make your way through each of the areas linked below in whatever order and depth you’d like.

We hope you have a great holiday and good luck with your exploration!


In Poole College, we focus on building success from a foundation of academics through four specific categories of engagement –– Inclusion, Involvement, International, and Internships –– our 4 I’s. We want you to engage and grow yourself in each of these four areas as well as in academics.


Academics is the foundation for everything you will do in Poole. Explore courses, majors, and how your academic advisor can help you navigate your time.

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Both NC State and Poole College offer many opportunities to get involved, try new things, find people who share your interests and discover yourself. The college experience is not about doing it all – it’s about learning to do YOU well!

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Inclusion starts with “I”! The steps to managing and leading with inclusive attitude can be found here.

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Global, wherever you are! Students in Poole College develop a global mindset and develop an understanding of global cultures as they prepare for a diverse and internationally engaged workplace.

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Experiential education and internships help launch your career. Learn more about career and internship options, preparing yourself and your resume, and how to connect with the companies that recruit Poole business students.

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