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Spring Connect

Things to Know and Do After You Have Confirmed Your Enrollment:

Welcome Poole College of Management Class of 2024 Students!

We are thrilled that you are coming to NC State and joining our Poole community.  You will be contacted by an academic advisor in the early July with additional information about how you can prepare for spring orientation, the course registration process for your first semester at NC State as well as additional information.  The information below is designed to provide you with information about what you can be doing until you hear from an advisor.

  • Make sure that you complete the tasks listed on the New Student Checklist
    • Items that are included in the New Student Checklist that are especially important for advising and registration purposes include:
    • Access your unity account
    • Take your Placement Tests (Click here for more details)
      •  Math Placement Test: Poole College of Management students are highly encouraged to take the Math Placement Test.
      • Chemistry Placement Test: Poole College of Management students are required to take at least 7 hours of Natural Science to complete their degree but students are able to select from many science courses.  Therefore, Poole College of Management students DO NOT need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam unless they would like to take Chemistry.
    • Request all of your AP/IB Test Scores be sent to NC State
  • Students will be expected to complete several online advising modules prior to coming for on campus orientation.  You will receive details about this process from your advisor.
  • Poole Spring Connect students will enroll in courses for spring 2021 prior to orientation


  • Questions about what credit you will receive based on you AP/IB exam scores?  Click here for information about credit.
  • Transferring courses from another college/university? Click here to learn about transfer credit.
  • Poole College of Management Curriculum Planning Sheets can be found here.
  • All NC State Degree Requirements can be found here.

Additional Questions?

  • Email us at